Student Leadership


Meet our student leaders...

Here at Katherine High School we have a team of student leaders and representatives to further understand and include the student voice in our school.

Our team consists of the Student Leadership Council that includes year twelve students and the Student Representative Council made up of Year 7 to 11.

The two councils have different but equally important roles throughout the school.

Year 12 Leaders: Student Leadership Council (SLC)

The Year 12 leaders of the school are given the opportunity to actively participate in school decision making and developing their leadership skills through organising student consultation. Leaders lobby for changes and school projects on behalf of their peers.

Principal and leader meetings are held regularly to discuss initiatives and SLC work and tasks. Leaders also represent the school at formal and informal functions as well as meet with school guests. The SLC also manages the mentoring and guiding of the Year 11 SRC members; preparing them to become the future leaders of the school. In addition to the Year 11 mentoring, the SLC supports and leads the SRC acting on their ideas for changes in school.


Student Leadership Council 2023


School Captains School Vice-Captains Student Executives

Brooke Rapley

Sanjana Akula


Dawnellen Batkin

Ashlee Wallner





Year 7-11 Student Representative Council (SRC)

The middle school leaders are given the chance to suggest and discuss student matters as well as contribute to shaping the school. The SRC and SLC meet once a week to discuss these matters in order to give the SLC an even deeper insight into the voice of younger years at the school. SRC members are positive role models to their peers and are given the opportunity to experience and learn things that will greatly assist them in their years to come at the High School.