Welcome to Katherine High School's Art Showcase.

Our students have been working hard to develop pieces of art which are thoughtful and tell a story. Their artworks come from research, inspiration and meaningful conversations. Please click through the galleries below to experience some of their amazing work.




Stage 2 Creative Arts

Through examining different Creative Art practitioners and applying this learning to their own arts practice; students created products using a range of art genres and media. These included more traditional visual art mediums such as paint, charcoal, watercolour, lino and pencil, as well as other visual communications such as digital photography, architectural rendering, digital drawing and experiential spaces.

Stage 1 Creative Arts

Students had the opportunity to explore two quite different projects in Stage 1 Creative Arts: junk sculptures and stencil screen printing. The junk sculptures were entered and exhibited at Katherine’s acclaimed, Junk Sculpture Festival 2021. The stencil screen printing unit was facilitated by the Darwin artist, Tarzan Jungle Queen, and the wonderful team at Katherine Regional Arts.


The talented mob at Pathways produced artworks that drew inspiration from themes such as country, culture, and identity. They created pieces that represented their beliefs and who they are as young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. They used their gift of storytelling to re-create images and experiences they had whilst growing up and learning on country and celebrating culture.  

Year 8 Digital Art

The Year 8 digital artists explored a variety of digital art techniques using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator; experimenting with masking, layering, image manipulation and digital brushwork using digital drawing tablets.

Year 8 Fibre and Clay Pots

This ceramics project merged the skills of pinch pot construction and weaving. Students began by forming and sculpting the pinch pots, then wove coloured string around rope and threaded it to their pots.

Year 8 Lino Prints

Students experimented with lino printing, trialing full block, stamp, and reductive printing techniques; exploring different themes and the use of simple shapes and vibrant colours in their final designs.

Year 8 Mixed Media Portraits

The Year 8 students reflected on their own experiences about who they are as young people and how they interact with the world. Students represented these experiences as a mixed media portrait. Different mediums were used in the creation of these pieces including pencil, pastels, collage, watercolour and acrylic paint.

Year 8 Negative Bird Paintings

The Year 8 students evaluated the work of Walmajarri woman, Katie Nalgood, and her portrayal of local Kimberley birds. Students selected and painted a bird using acrylic paint. The focus for this project was the exploration of the negative painting technique – cutting back with paint to clearly define the outline of a shape.

Year 8 Pattern Birds

A study of line, shape and texture, through applying ink pen and watercolour paint. These Pattern Birds gave the students an opportunity to represent their chosen bird through their own unique lens.

Year 8 Pattern Pots

Large terracotta pots, destined to be on display around the school were the blank canvas for the Year 8 students. Taking inspiration from local Territory Indigenous artists, the students filled their ‘canvas’ with brightly coloured patterns.

Year 8 Surrealism

Examining the works of Surrealist artists Salvador Dali and René Magritte. Students explored the themes of dreaming, nightmares, the unreal and the unconscious mind and they let their creativity run wild with their Surrealist artworks.

Year 7 Foam Prints

Students were introduced to the technique of foam block printing and were given the freedom to experiment with a subject matter of their choosing.

Year 7 Matisse Cut Outs

Students were introduced to the later work of Henri Matisse and his paper cut outs. The students let their creativity loose with this ‘painting with scissors’ technique.

Year 7 Merged Animals

The Year 7’s had fun producing these creative merged animals using ink pen and watercolour. If you ever wanted to know what a deer-snake-dragon, or a crab-octopus-butterfly looked like, here you are!

Year 7 Monster Drawings

Drawing inspiration from the much-loved kids book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, and the Pixar film ‘Monster’s Inc.’, the students created these monster drawings. They combined their learned pen shading and watercolour techniques to develop their artworks.

Year 7 Photograms

Harnessing the power of the sun, these Photograms were created by placing found plant objects on top of photo paper and then exposing that to direct sunlight. The process created some ethereal prints.

Year 7 Picasso Face

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.” – Pablo Picasso. Drawing on the expressive, cubist influenced years of Picasso’s career, the students created their very own Picasso Face using acrylic paint on cardboard.

Year 7 Sun and Moon Face 

An expression of colour, texture and pattern, these Sun and Moon Faces explore the relationship between warm and cool colours in nature.

Junk Sculptures 

Darwin artist Kari Hall came to Katherine High School to facilitate funky junk sculpture artworks. Students from Years 7, 8 and 10 represented scenes and imagery from their experiences using purely discarded and junk objects.

Student Free Artwork

Throughout the course of the year, students created their own free artwork pieces. They experimented with different genres and mediums, expressing themselves without any guidelines or parameters.

Year 6 Orientation Day Insects

As an introduction to Art at Katherine High School, the Year 6 students were introduced to the work of Raku Inoue and his fantastical insectile creatures. Students collected plant matter from around the school and arranged them to create their own fun insects.