Students with additional needs

Special Educational Needs Annexe

The SEN Annexe provides support and advocacy for students with learning difficulties and is
tailored to individual students’ needs.

Based on individual students’ needs some of the range of support strategies for students who have special needs includes:

  • Provided a modified timetable where they are allocated time in the SEN Unit which provides some students a valuable ‘break time’ from their Mainstream classes within a high care high support environment.
  • Supported to complete homework and assessment tasks.
  • Given extra literacy and numeracy instruction.
  • Given a safe place to use when needed.
  • Provided adult advocates to communicate student and family voice on how teachers and the school can best meet student’s needs.
  • Taught life skills including cooking, resume writing, and self-care. The goal of the SEN Annexe is that students walk out the door with a smile on their face and the confidence in their hearts to reach their full potential here at Katherine High School. 
  • SEN staff work with mainstream teachers to adjust their pedagogy to meet the needs of students with additional needs.