The Pathways Program at Katherine High School was established in Semester 2, 2017. It is a flexible learning space that aims to successfully re-engage students into education by offering access to project-based learning, work ready skills and certificates.

Students and adults in Pathways work together towards achieving in the key focus areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Social and Emotional Learning, Life Skills and Employability skills. Students are also exposed to enrichment subjects such as woodwork, creative art, community connections, fitness, culture, textiles, science and cooking.

Pathways students look after the school garden where students learn to make scarecrows, install fencing, pave pathways, plant fruits, vegetables and herbs, dig waterways and build structures such as chicken coops and shade houses.

With our school values of  INCLUSION, RESPECT, EFFORT and RESILIENCE the staff of Katherine High School pride themselves on the high care and high learning outcomes they provide to students.