Middle Years

Katherine High School’s Middle School offers a range of classes accommodating students from varying levels of academic ability, interests, skills and talents. Curriculum delivery is rich, of high interest, supportive and appropriately challenging.

From extension classes that acknowledge high achieving students’ academic aptitude, to classes capped at 12-14 delivering intensive literacy and numeracy teaching for students requiring support in accessing year level appropriate curriculum, all students are catered for.

Phoebe Hooper, a SLC Executive Member of Katherine High School, wrote the following:

“At my school there are so many opportunities for … assistance with learning that unless it is impossible to learn you have no excuse for not trying. My school has enabled me to deepen my knowledge of music, art, poetry, maths, science, history, society and law and has enabled me to travel to awesome places. I have now been to Darwin twice with the Battle of the Bands, which the school organises music tutors for those playing in the competition; I have competed in the Tournament of the Minds twice, which the school also encouraged us to get involved with; this year is my second year in debate club; in grade nine I went to America for a leadership camp……I have succeeded in my classes thanks to the dedication of my teachers who work so hard to get me and everyone else through grade 12….this school has provided me with so many opportunities that I don’t know how I will ever give thanks for.”

At Katherine High School middle school students have access to a comprehensive Enrichment Program offering:

  • Technical Studies
  • Home Economics
  • Health
  • Physical Education
  • Japanese
  • Digital Art
  • Visual Art
  • Creative Art
  • Drama
  • Music

Beyond students’ curriculum opportunities, the school offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities:

  • Student Leadership Council
  • NT School Sports representative pathways
  • Tournament of the Minds
  • Debating
  • Local and interstate school camps
  • Auricon Bridge Building Competition
  • National History Challenge
  • The Simpson Prize
  • Chief Minister’s ANZAC Spirit Study Tour
  • She Flies Drone Competition

With our school values of "Inclusion, Respect, Effort and Resilience", the staff of Katherine High School pride themselves on the high care and high learning outcomes they provide to students. Each middle school student at Katherine High School is assigned an Adult Advocate; this advocate, along with year level coordinators, home liaison officer, school based constable, health promoting schools nurse, school counsellor, the Middle Years Assistant Principal and Katherine High School Principal work together to oversee the wellbeing and positive experience each middle school student has at KHS.

Visit the school during any break time or before or after school and you will notice the visible presence of these staff members in the school grounds and amongst students.