HEAL Program

What is it the HEAL program and who is it for?

HEAL is a NTSDE program which provides a supportive, flexible and collaborative program for secondary aged students, whose attendance and standard Australian English (SAE) makes access to other secondary and NTCET program challenging. The program resources aim to support students to become successful learners through a focus on Health, Numeracy, English and Literacy.

How is it delivered?

The HEAL program is delivered using the indirect teaching model, with HEAL teachers working in partnership with the home school teacher to:

  • Support and assist in literacy diagnostics
  • Determine next steps in learning for each student
  • Provide and co-create contextualised and differentiated learning materials and strategies
  • Access and report growth.

HEAL course material provides differentiated support for students with different learning needs within a single class. They are designed to support remote schools who have multi year levels in the same classroom.

How is it assessed? 

EAL/D levels are tracked and individual student EAL/D level improvement is reported on (Growth Model). Student learning and progress will be enhanced through improved attendance and application.

Once students reach the required EAL/D level that will enable them to be successful in SACE Stage 1 subjects, they will be transitioned to an NTCET Pathway.