Katherine High School Council

The Council is incorporated under the Education Act, and from 1st April 2016 the new Education Act (2015), and operates within Department of Education policies and guidelines. Broadly the functions of the Council include:


Advising the principal about the educational needs of the community and policy implementation.
Assessing and advising on the physical needs of the school
Overseeing work on buildings and grounds being carried out at the school
Building links between parents, community groups and the school.
Determining the school’s annual budget.
Determining community use of school facilities
Employing school council staff

Council members

KHS Council can have up to 19 members including parents, teachers, students, invited members and the school Principal. Elections for council representatives are held during Annual General Meetings at the start of each year. It is recognised that all council members provide a valuable service in school governance and the continuous improvement of Katherine High school.

2018 Council Members

Dan Murtas Elke Stegemann Janet Schultz Kylie Ousey
KHS Principal Parent member


Parent member


Parent member


Marnie Hopkins Rebecca Osmotherly Julia Knight Tracey-Anne Wilson
Parent Member Parent Member Parent Member Parent Member
Chris Eiremann Kerrie Mott Veronica Wilson
Parent Member Parent Member Parent Member
Rotating Student
Student Member
Sandra Nelson Jane Runyu-Fordimanl Dianne Scannell
Invited Member Invited Member Invited Member

Council meetings


The Council usually meets the third week of each month, throughout the school year. Meeting dates are advertised via the school website, newsletter and Facebook page.

In addition to formal Council meetings, the Council supports the establishment of 4 sub-committees that also meet termly prior to Council meetings. Subcommittees are established to progress key Council priorities, working through the detail to ensure the Council has sound advice, options and recommendations to inform decision making.

2018 Subcommittee Members







Elke Stegemann

Stephanie Gill

Julia Knight


Rebecca Osmotherly

Marnie Hopkins

Sarah Dohl

Michelle Parker

Stephen Hill

Daryl Francis

Kylie Ousey

Tracey-Anne Wilson

Tracey-Anne Wilson

Veronica Wilson