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katherine high school

Get ready for high school...

Welcome to Katherine High School: A school community where our teachers genuinely care about our students' education. Below you will find some key information for our school. If in doubt, please contact us direct via email or phone.

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These are not for public transport and will only take students between home and school. Bus driver’s instructions are to be obeyed at all times. Students may be banned from travelling on the bus.


Lesson 1     8:15am - 9:19am

Lesson 2     9:19am - 10:23am

Recess        10:23am - 10:53am

Lesson 3      10:53am - 11:57am

Lesson 4     1:01pm - 1:36pm

Lunch          1:01pm - 1:36pm

Lesson 5      1:36pm - 2:40pm


Students must wear:

Katherine High School Shirt

Black shorts (longer than the student's finger tips)

Closed-in shoes

Uniforms can be brought from Student Services.

School shirt $40 | Shorts $20

*Back to School Vouchers can be used to buy the uniform in Term 1.

We use the Compass app to keep you updated
on day-to-day school activities. The app provides you with the
following information:

• Class timetable and locations
• Positive Behaviour Points
• Messages and updates
• Emails
• Calendar
• Attendance
• Reports