Student Counselling at Katherine High School provides students with an advocate - they are here for the students. Our school counsellor provides therapeutic intervention where necessary, and counsels individuals, groups and families. The school counsellor liaises, negotiates, mediates, refers, case manages and collaboratively case plans. They manage the safety and wellbeing at school of high risk students and delivers psychosocial education to students through relevant curriculum streams while presenting or organising the presentation of professional development and Mandatory Reporting training to staff.

The School Counsellor at KHS recommends and promotes positive wellbeing philosophies, policies, procedures and programs for individuals, groups, staff and the school community as a whole.

Our School Counsellor designs and delivers Whole of School events that relate to mental health promotion and works to increase familiarity with services and resources available to students in need.

The School Counsellor aims to increase student wellbeing, and increase the dissemination of prevention information and strategies with relation to topical social issues such as depression, suicide, domestic violence, bullying and cyber citizenship. Lastly they play a key role in the organisation, running and follow up related to the experience of a Critical Incident.