Student Coordinators

The role of Year Level Coordinator is to regularly check in with students to ensure they are feeling happy at school; this includes their peer to peer relationships, progress and achievement in their subjects, their relationships with teachers, and informing students of extra-curricular activities they may be interested in, and coordinating school camps.

The Year Level Coordinators work closely with the Assistant Principal for the relevant stages of schooling to oversee the wellbeing and pastoral care program running for each year level and to ensure a coordinated approach to the management and wellbeing of students.

As an example a year 8 coordinator has the opportunity to take a group of students on camp, to Kununurra, WA. They take tents and swags, and camp at YeeHaa Trail Rides. Whilst they are there, they enjoy fun activities such as raft boat making, abseiling, horse riding, canoeing, hiking to watch the sunset, and competitions for who can cook the best bush feed. From this experience, students develop life skills, and form great relationships with both their peers and teachers.

McCutcheon Louise

Louise McCutcheon

Year 7

Biggs Alexandra

Alexandra Biggs

Year 8

Nash Jessica

Jessica Nash

Year 9

Dean Jennifer

Jennifer Dean

Year 10

Kalamaras Jamyma

Jamyma Kalamaras

Year 11

Gill Stephanie

Stephanie Gill

Year 12